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Bart's Haircut
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I was afraid this moment would come.
Bart about getting a haircut.

Bart's Haircut is the fifteenth Simpsons short and originally aired on The Tracey Ullman Show November 15, 1987.


Bart walks into the family room with a sombrero, and Dad asks him why he is always wearing that hat. Bart says it's a fashion statement but when he is told to take it off he has a lot of hair on his head. Dad and Mom tell him to go get a haircut. Then Bart goes to Jake's Unisex Barbershop to get his hair cut by Jake the Barber. He ends up getting shaved bald but is charged $5 and given a sucker. Bart crawls through the window and tries to glue some of his shaved hair on again but it just falls off. When Dad calls him downstairs Bart has a paper bag over his head. He says he'll take it off it they promise they won't laugh. The family promises but they laugh anyway.

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