The Man Who Came to Be Dinner
Bart's New Friend
The Musk Who Fell to Earth
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Lisa: I thought we weren't allowed to do homework at the table.
Homer: It's called a double standard. One of the bedrocks of parenting.

Homer: The early bird gets the shaft!

Chief Wiggum: (playing chess in a glass prison cell with Sven Golly) Check and Mate!
Sven Golly: Once again you're too smart for me, my friend.
Chief Wiggum: That's why I'm the master hypnotist and you're the bumbling police chief.
Sven Golly: (grabs the keys) Exactly so, Sven Golly. (grabs Wiggum's police hat) Exactly so... (unlocks the door and leaves)
Chief Wiggum: See you tomorrow?
Sven Golly: I might be a little late... (locks Wiggum in the cell and escapes)
Chief Wiggum: That Chief Wiggum.., what a dope! (laughs and Loki appears from nowhere) Loki!

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