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Dolph: Hey, Martin Princess. If you like that cello so much, why don't you marry it?
Chalmers: No heckling!
Skinner: Way to crush him, sir.
Kearney: Hey, Skinner! If you like Chalmers so much, why don't you marry him?
Skinner: Well, as the superintendent, he's married to all the principals.
Chalmers: Thank you. You've made the anniversary of my wife's death even more depressing.

Milhouse: She loves me, she loves me not. Oh, why do I always use flowers with two pedals?

Ralph: I'm turning my back on you. [does a 360] Hi, Bart!

Nelson: [teasing] Bart's got a dad. Bart's got a dad.
Bart: I do not!

Homer: You did the worst thing any boy could do. It's worse than wetting your pants, while on Santa's lap, and I've been on both sides of that one.

Bart: Grandpa, dad says I have to take a dare.
Grandpa: I had Homer on a dare and as horrible as that worked out, I'd do it again.
Bart: Why did someone dare you to have Homer?
Grandpa: It was after the war. We needed babies.

Jimbo: So, Simpson. Word on the street is, you're looking for a dare.
Bart: Yeah, fine. I need to get this monkey off my back.
Kearney: Hey, how about that for a dare? Putting a monkey on his back.
Jimbo: And after we're done, then what? We have a monkey that's our permanent responsibility.
Dolph: Yeah, think ahead, Dingus.

[A power plant worker sees Bart about to jump off the Springfield Dam]
Guy: Simpson, is that your kid?
Homer: Oh my God! I've gotta stop him!
Lenny: I dare you not to.

Homer: Marge, Marge. As someone who's fallen off a cliff, multiple times, the best thing we can do is teach him, how to fall off cliffs.

Bart: It was joyful. Clouds, harps, Abe Lincoln.
Homer: Oh my God, Marge! I think our son went to Heaven! Were there any other presidents?
Bart: No.
Homer: It was Heaven!

Bart: I have a message for you, mom.
Marge: From who?
Bart: Jesus.
Marge: Don't say that if it's not true!
Homer: You have to believe him, Marge. It's a deathbed confession.
Marge: He's not on his deathbed!
Homer: The guy in the bed before him died! [Eats some "Get Well Soon" chocolates for the late Uncle Joe]

Lisa: Bart, I've held my tongue, because I appreciate you not ruining my song.
Bart: Can't ruin what already sucks. Burn.

[Lisa makes a creepy face]
Lisa: Oh, no. It's stuck!

[Christian Movie Producers shows up at Bart's doorstep]
Christian Movie Producer #1: Hello Bart, we are Christian movie producers.
Bart: So, you give all your profits back to the church?
[Christian Movie Producers pause in silence]

Christian Movie Producer #1: Homer, we're the best in the business.
Christian Movie Producer #2: Our films average 98% on Rotten Communion Wafers.

Homer: Like most of America, I think I know the movie business.

Homer: I want two seats to the premiere, and my wife needs a seat as well.

[Homer and Ned lie around, doing nothing]
Marge: What are you guys doing?
Homer: What's it look like? We're working!
[Marge groans and walks away]
Ned: Maybe we should take a break.
Homer: Good idea.
[Homer and Ned get back to lying around, doing nothing]

Gal Gadot: Gal Gadot, reading for Lisa.
Ned: You've got the part!
Homer: Wait, wait, wait, wait. I know you were great in Fast and Furious, but what else have you been in?
Gal Gadot: Uh, did you see Wonder Woman?
Homer: Whenever I see the DC logo, I immediately fall asleep.

Marge: Can you get me the wine that I keep in mommy's knitting basket?
Lisa: I know where you keep it.
[Lisa leaves and comes back with the wine]
Lisa: There was no knitting in there.

Homer: There's nothing the director can do on set, that's wrong.

Bart: Dad, I'm starting to feel weird.
Homer's Actor: I'm not your dad. I'm the actor playing him.
Bart: You need all that padding to play Homer?
Homer's Actor: Yes, and I'm fat to begin with.

Homer: The scene we said is New York, is actually Downtown, Calgary, and vice versa.

Bart: No! No! No! I'm going to Heaven!

Bart: Save me Jesus!
Jesus Christ: [pissed off] I've tried very hard to forgive you. It is very tough!

Announcer Lady: And here's Marge with the actress, who played her.
Gal Gadot: In real life, we don't get along.

News Interviewer: Who are you worshiping?

[Grampa watches a movie full of Bart Simpson]
Grampa: Eh, not enough Bart.

Homer: Don't worry, Marge. It's just a little movie. Nobody will see it.
Lisa: Mr. Flanders just called. The movie's on pays to make $100,000,000! It crushed all the good movies that came out, this week.
Homer: Take that Paul Thomas Anderson!

Marge: Oh my God! Our movie's a hit, and a lie!
Homer: Oh, all hit movies are based on lies, Marge. Did you see Argo? None of that happened, and I have strong doubts about The Incredibles.

Kent Brockman: In what some are calling the worst scandal in the history of religion, Bart Simpson lied, when he claimed he had talked to Jesus.

Bart: You think God will forgive me? Don't tell anyone I said that.
Lisa: Well, if there is a God, from what I know, said God will forgive you, if you truly have remorse in your heart.
Bart: Thanks, Lis. Don't tell anyone I asked you that. I did it cuz you're the smartest person I know. And don't tell anybody I said that!

Lisa: Dad must have raked the leaves today!
Bart: Now, that's a miracle!

[Homer goes to Hindu Heaven]
Homer: Please, send me back to Earth.
Vishnu: Yes, yes. You can be a turtle or a pharmaceutical CEO.
Homer: Turtle, please.

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