Bart's People is a segment of Kidz Newz where Bart reported intentionally sad stories about various citizens of Springfield. It was based on similar segment by Kent Brockman.


Bart visited Kent Brockman in his mansion to find out how to be a better reporter than Lisa, and Kent told him that the key was to report stories with a high emotional impact, showing him a clip of his own about a carrousel's last ride as an example. Bart then started his own segment called "Bart's People" during Kidz Newz, and it quickly became popular.

This made Lisa grow jealous, mainly because nobody was paying an attention to her part of the news. At first, she tried to copy Bart's techinique and make sentimental stories, but she failed, mainly because her subjects, far from Bart's glorifications of otherwise irrelevant stories, weren't founded on anything to begin with.

She then tricked Bart into unknowingly do a story about Groundskeeper Willie, who had ended up at Springfield Dump after Bart had destroyed his shack at the beginning of that episode. Bart decided to present the story live in that day's program, and was shocked to find Willie there, who tried to kill him.

Lisa hurried there and stopped Willie by telling him Bart was his son, the shock of it stopping him momentarily. She then elaborated on the subject by making a reflection on how Bart's hectic behaviour was the result of the structure of modern society as a whole, making him, in a way, everyone's son. This touches Willie, who leaves crying.

Bart and Lisa eventually decide to team up and use their talents to make Kidz Newz more interesting, by combining Lisa's professionality with Bart's charisma. Unfortunately, their show was then canceled and replaced by Mattel and Mars Bar Quick Energy Chocobot Hour.


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