The Way We Weren't
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Lisa: This whole morning has been wonderful! (Suspicious) Too wonderful.
Bart: You're right, this is it. They're selling us to be crash-test dummies!
Lisa: Oh, please let it be Volvo.

Bart: It's shot day!
Bart, Maggie, and Lisa: Aaaaaaahhhh!
Dr. Hibbert: Welcome to Avenue Medical Plaza!

Marge: Now that wasn't so bad, was it, Bart? You know, sometimes the fear of something gets over you pretty fast.
(turns to static in the middle)
Bart: Whoa. Something's wrong. I can't hear!
Homer: Doctor, perform a diagnosis!
Dr. Hibbert: Hmmm...I'm afraid the inoculation has swollen his ear holes shut.

(Dr. Hibbert attempts to inoculate Bart on an amusement park ride, but he injects Drederick Tatum instead)
Drederick Tatum: (punches Dr. Hibbert) Black on black violence must end! (punches him again) That was for Dr. King!

(The Simpsons swim off the prison island. One guard points a shotgun at them. A second guard comes over)
Guard 2: Hold your fire. That walrus will eat them.
Guard 1: No, that's the dad.
Guard 2: But he's eating a seal.
(shows the family swimming with said seal in Homer's mouth)

(The family is watching a cartoon in the reeducation center)
U.S. Constitution: Hello! I'm the U.S. Constitution, and I'm over two-hundred years old! But I'm feeling fine! I wish I could say the same for my crazy cousin, Bill O'Rights.
Bill O'Rights: (With a drunken voice) What did I do? What did I do? (Vomits some papers. Bart and Lisa start laughing)
Marge: Lisa, That's not funny! You believe in the Bill Of Rights.
Lisa: (Laughing) I don't know whether it's the lack of sleep, the sodium pentathol, or that it's the only cartoon I've seen in two months, (With a serious voice) But this is what I believe in now.

Willie: I know what you're hiding, lad. Willie's been deaf since the boiler explosion of '88. But I've taught myself to read lips.
Guy: Morning, Willie!
Willie: What did you say about me mother? For your information, her feet stink cause she works in manure all day, but it's still the best damn Starbucks in Glasgow.
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