All Singing, All Dancing
Bart Carny
The Joy of Sect


  • The episode title is a reference to the comedian Art Carney.
  • The song that plays during the closing credits is "Groove Me" by King Floyd.
  • The Rich Texan's line about Hitler's car being the first car with "Fahrvergnügen" was originally supposed to be "...and it was the first car to be featured in Disney's Electric Light Parade." According to commentary, the show's legal team begged them not to use that line, despite allowing every other joke that made fun of Disney in the past. The original line appeared in the closed captions on TV (save for the syndicated version, the international versions, and the DVD version).
  • The aspect of Hitler's car at a carnival is a possible reference to Bunny Gibbons, a carnival operator from the 1950s who is notorious for having exhibited the car of murderer and body-snatcher Ed Gein
  • The car purported to have belonged to Hitler looks like an actual Mercedes-Benz owned by Hitler, seen here.
  • One of the carnival prizes is a mirror, which has the logo for British metal band Def Leppard.
  • The sign for "The Tooth Chipper" resembles the logo for Coney Island's Steeplechase Park (1897-1964).
  • Spud says that Lisa's eyes are blue, but Milhouse said they are gray, indicating that Milhouse is colorblind.

Previous Episode References

  • A barrel of "Lil' Lisa Slurry" from season eight's The Old Man and the Lisa can be seen on the ocean floor during the boat tour.
  • The nail freak who got his foot run over (and reacts to that pain instead of the pain of hammering a nail into his nostril) is the same one from season seven's Homerpalooza.
  • This is the second time Homer is forced to live outside in Bart's treehouse. The first time was in the season five finale Secrets to a Successful Marriage. However, in this case Homer and Bart attempted to be hospitable and were taken advantage of, and the entire family was forced out of the house alongside Homer.
  • Homer's quadruple bypass is not only a reference to season four's Homer's Triple Bypass, but to season eight's The Old Man and the Lisa where the episode ended with Homer having a major heart attack after Lisa tells him that 10% of $120 million isn't $12,000 (off-screen she told him that the 10 % would be $12 000 000).
  • This is the second time Bart had to work in debt at a place he likes after damaging property and takes pleasure in it. The first time was in Bart After Dark.
  • This is the second episode where Bart is sitting in a car that belong to someone who is famous and dead. First being Mr. Plow.


  • The "Tooth Chipper" car Bart, Lisa, and Homer were in had its bars lock low over their legs, so when they stopped suddenly, it shouldn't have hit their mouths. And how could a bar hit the teeth of two people of different heights sitting in the same seat?
  • Homer wouldn't be able to give Cooder and Spud the deed to the house, as he's still paying the mortgage. However, given that Cooder was squatting, he arguably failed to realize that there is a lien on the property, as well as being a likely uneducated man to begin with, he would have been fooled by Homer's bluff.
  • Only contrabass and baritone saxophones have spit valves in them (along with other musical instruments, like trumpets, tubas, and French horns). The saxophone Lisa plays looks like an alto, which doesn't have a spit valve.
  • When Bart crashes Hitler's car, There's a fence between the tree and the wrecked vehicle. in the next scene, the fence is gone.

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