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The Great Wife Hope
The Answer commercial
My life was over.
I'd lost my job, my husband left me.
I had to sleep in a kangaroo's pouch.
And then I found...
The Answer.
The Answer was discovered by the philosophers of ancient Greece,
who hid it under a rock
where it was discovered by the knights of King Arthur,
who placed it in a bottle and set it in the ocean,
where it was found by Pat Sajak.
These great men knew The Answer.
The Answer is the secret to achieving your heart's desire.
Learn The Answer, and change your life.
Available wherever dubious,
quasi-scientific self-help books are sold.

(Bart visits Mrs Krabappel)
Bart: Well, Mrs. K, I have just the book, slash, DVD for you:
The Answer.
"This book uses the ancient power of wanting."

Bart: Hey. Just because we don't understand electricity, doesn't mean we can't enjoy its benefits.

Mrs. Krabappel: (in front of the class) You're children. Why do you all need cell phones?
Milhouse: Safety.
Nelson: Emergencies.
Kearney: Safety.
Jimbo: Educational.

Bart: (watching Mrs Krabappel in her drunken rampage) Uh oh. Do you think we went too far?
Nelson: Nah. Booze only makes you do things you already wanted to do.
Mrs. Krabappel: (rolling on a giant globe) I'm queen of the world!

Bart: You know, my dad's more fun when he's had a few beers. Maybe Ms. Krabappel would be more fun if we "Irish up" her coffee.

Homer: OK, so there's a big football game on tonight so we can get this over real quick. Show me some of Bart's artwork, give me a little false hope and (hands Zachary some cash and puts it in his vest) here's a little something to help with his grades. I'm not asking for aids, just in completes.
Zachary: Mr. Simpson, I don't need your money! (hands the money back to Homer) Bart can definitely be a challenge but I like challenges! (choking on laughter) and he's got a wild sense of humor, look at this picture he drew. (holds a picture of Homer strangling Bart).
Homer: It will be his last birthday if he keeps drawing pictures like this.
(prepares his fists)
Zachary: What?
Homer: I said are there any areas that we his parents can improve upon?
Zachary: Yes. Just one: Relax. You're clearly a caring father.
Homer: (quietly sobs) You're the first teacher that ever got me!
Zachary: (approaches Homer and comforts him as Homer sobs louder) Let it out. Let it out. (Homer continues to sob louder and louder). Keep it in. Keep it in.

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