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The Bart Gets the Remote couch gag is the 6th couch gag of Season 28, in the episode Dad Behavior.


After an alternate opening with Homer, Marge, Lisa and Maggie dying or otherwise being affected from several accidents, we cut to the living room, where Bart enters and wonders where everyone is. He grabs photos of all the Simpsons and pretends they are with him and turns on the TV with the remote.



  • This is technically the second opening sequence that has most of the Simpsons dying from freak accidents, after the opening for "Treehouse of Horror IX". Coincidentally, both openings ended with a character wondering where the family was (Bart in this opening, Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees in the one for Treehouse of Horror IX).
  • As the TV is showing the Created By/Developed By credits at the end of the opening, it slides off of a slanted cardboard box, being used for a TV unit. It then cuts to a scene of Homer, pushing the TV back into place with the broom, thus starting the episode from there.
  • In the scene where Maggie drives into the lake, the people who were in the car were Marge, Maggie, and a chicken. Marge's body was seen floating to the top first, then after a long pause, the chicken's body floated to the top. Apparently, either the animators forgot to draw Maggie's body floating to the top, or due to controversy.
  • This is the first couch gag to continue into the episode.



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