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Bart Hears a What? is the second story in Bart Simpson Comics #41


Ms. Krabappel assigns everyone to bring their favorite Old Codger (Senior). The next day, Bart, who thought Ms. Krabappel said Old Dodger, brings Mike Piazza from the Los Angeles Dodgers. Later, during a presentation about the United States of America, Bart starts talking about the United "Snakes" of America. Edna thinks there's something wrong with Bart's ear, and makes Marge send him to the Doctor. During the checkup, Doctor Hibbert pulls out a Fortune Cookie and Marge's Wedding Ring. Afterwards, Bart begins hearing a lot more than normal. He can hear Homer talking about how he didn't eat Marge's Wedding Ring, he can hear the Flanders talking about Bart is not going to Heaven, he even hears the grass grow! Unable to sleep, he puts candle wax in his ears, so that he goes back to not hearing properly.

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