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Bart Jumps is the third Simpsons short which aired on The Tracey Ullman Show on May 10, 1987.


This Simpsons short opens with Bart attempting to jump into Homer’s arms "just like the good old days". The first time Bart jumps, he lands on his head, bouncing and falling on the floor. Once again, Bart prepares to jump. Bart asks Homer why this task is necessary, while Homer asserts that it is always because he has been so jumpy. Bart jumps again, but because Homer was laughing at the previous comment, he fails to catch Bart. Bart gets a bandage and a bruise from a previous jump. Again Bart jumps, but Homer is distracted while he attempts to work out the past tense of the word "leap". He collects the dictionary and discovers they are both acceptable, and once again Bart lies on the floor. For the final time, Bart is ready to jump. As Homer goes to answer the door, Bart closes his eyes and leaps. As he lies on his back, Homer returns with two pairs of boxing gloves announcing they have arrived.


The Simpsons Short - Bart Jumps

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