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Bart Jumps
Babysitting Maggie

Act 1

Homer: Come on, Bart. Leap into your father's arms. Come on, just like the old days!

Bart: I'm too big now, Dad. There's no way.

Homer: Come on, boy. Leap! Do it! Atta boy! Come on, Bart!

(Bart jumps and lands on the floor)

Homer: You call that a leap?

Act 2

Bart: Dad, why are we doing this?

Homer: You've always been afraid of falling on your head ever since you were a little baby. I'm trying to help you overcome that fear.

Bart: You want me to jump, because I've always been jumpy?

(Homer starts laughing)

Homer: That's a good one, son. (Unknown to Homer, Bart has already fallen down) Always been jumpy. (Homer starts laughing harder)

Act 3

Bart: Dad, this is really dumb. My head still hurts from the last two times.

Homer: Let's go, boy. No excuses. I want to see some gumption. Leap! Leap, boy! Leap like you've like you've never...What's the past tense of leap? Lept? Leaped? That doesn't sound right.

(Homer walks away, and Bart falls on his head)

Homer: (reading a dictionary) Well, what do you know? Leaped and lept! They're both right!

Act 4

Bart: But, Dad.

Homer: I haven't got all day, now leap! And give it all you've got!

Bart: Do I have to?

Homer: Bart!

(The bell rings)

Homer: I'll get it.

(Bart falls on his head once again)

Homer: Good news, son! The boxing gloves have arrived!

(Bart groans)