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Bart Like Me
The Generosity Gene: Chapter 1 The D'oh Wah Ditty

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A new kid becomes the new best friend of Bart. But there's something strange about him, and Bart is determined to find out.

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A new kid joins Springfield Elementry School called Brad. He starts to hang out with Bart and then suddenly replaces Milhouse and becomes Bart's best friend. Then, overtime, Brad copies Bart into the things he does and looks like as he wears the same clothes like him, does the same hairstyle and rides the skateboard. Soon, everyone starts to get confused thinking who's Brad and who's Bart. Seeing this, Bart gets angry. The next day, Bart starts spying Brad to where he goes and what he does. He attaches a GPS on Brad's car after soon learning Brad can drive. He follows him all the way to his house and when he secretly goes into his house, he discovers everything there is really small. Brad then finds Bart in his house and points a gun at him. Bart hits him on the head with a shovel and calls the police. Whilst taking Brad away by the cops, Bart learns Brad's true identity. When he goes to prison, Brad shares the same prison cell as Sideshow Bob. 


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