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Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror 1 is the first issue of the Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror comic book series. It was released on September 1995.


Little Shop of Homers

Lisa is growing a venus flytrap plant for an experiment, but is inspired by it when it eats one of Homer's toenail clippings. She tries to alter it, but it dies a day after experimentation. However when it is brought into a shop it morphs into Homer's face and eats a doughnut. Soon, it is growing into monstrous proportions because of all the doughnuts it's eaten, and it begins picking people up. The more it eats, the more tiny heads it grows. When Homer learns of a truckload of doughnuts coming, he is afraid that the monster will eat them all, and kills it with fire. The strip ends with Homer and friends eating all the doughnuts, Apu crying near the rubble of his store, having been destroyed in the process, and the plant grabbing a doughnut with its tendril.

Call Me Homer

Abe tells Homer, Bart and Lisa about their great great great grandfather and hi adventure with a whale.

Bart People

Lisa comes home from a plane trip and finds Bart is acting strange. At school he asks if he can be partnered with Lisa but is instead Partnered with Janey. He tries to leave, but stays because she can give him ice cream. He suddenly feels sick, and when Janey returns, she sees Bart transformed into a black panther, who runs off. She does not know it is Bart. He is captured and escorted to the school, where he transforms back after tasting blood. Bart is then forced to get home naked, and suffers embarrassment after being seen by Grampa and Jasper, and runs home, with his buttocks showing. When he goes home, he explains to Lisa he is a cat-person, and will transform every time he is not selected with Lisa, who horrifyingly learns she is also one of them.

After cancelling study-sessions three times, she risks flunking. The two are paired with different partners. Lisa feels the transformation and so does Bart; Lisa is able to cure herself by listening to music, but Bart cannot stop it. Lisa is able to find Bart and calms him with music, where he is captured and taken to the zoo. At the zoo later on, Marge states that Lisa cured herself, Bart stays at the zoo, and that there should be no more cat-people. However, it turns out Maggie is also one of them, as seen when her eyes turn the same color as a panther's.

Bonus Bart paper doll