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  • Homer can be seen wearing the Tom Landry hat he bought in the season 8 episode "You Only Move Twice" while he is coaching the team. Tom Landry was a coach for the Dallas Cowboys.
  • The title of this episode comes from the name of the former Green Bay Packers quarterback and coach, Bryan Bartlett Starr, or his nickname, Bart Starr.
    • Bart wears jersey number 15, which is the same number as what Bart Starr wore in the NFL.
  • This episode is based on the 1994 family sports comedy film, Little Giants.
  • Before Nelson hikes the ball, he yells "5F03! Hike!" 5F03 is the production code for this episode.
  • Syndicated versions cut the part after Bart is pushed in the mud by Nelson where Ralph says "You're going to heaven."
  • Homer accuses Marge of being the reason Bart quit the team, as she quit all her jobs in past episodes: when she was a cop ("The Springfield Connection"), a pretzel vendor ("The Twisted World of Marge Simpson"), church counselor ("In Marge We Trust"), and professional gambler ("$pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)"). Although that might be true, Marge left being a cop because of corruption, was targeted by the Investorettes, she did quit as counsellor over guilt about giving Ned bad advice, and Homer himself forced Marge to stop gambling.
  • Syndication cuts the first part of the Kwik-E-Mart scene where Bart plays a video game called "Cat Fight" where teenaged girls beat each other up ("I'll scratch you" "The hair!" "Slut!" "Loser!").
  • One of the kids on Bart's football team looks like Jaffee, except in this episode, if it really is him, he has black hair instead of red or orange.
  • Rod and Todd wear numbers 66 and 6 respectively, and are next to each other in the scene where Homer is about to announce Bart as the new starting quarterback. Standing together, their jerseys ironically form the number "666."
  • It is revealed that Sherri or Terri might have a crush on Bart.
You're cut - Daniel Andrews LXing removals


  • Homer cuts Martin from the team, but in later scenes he is still there.
  • In Bart's flashback of his meeting with Joe Namath, he sees Namath's wife by the disabled, vapor-locked car. But Namath's wife was behind a wooden picket fence and out of Bart's line of sight.
  • In one scene, Sherri/Terri is shown with yellow skin.

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