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"Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts" is the second episode of Season 23.


Superintendent Chalmers is convinced into educating Bart about Theodore Roosevelt, which turns out to be successful. Bart invites the bullies to his education stint, and they like it; however, when Nelson gets injured on a unauthorized field trip to locate Teddy Roosevelt's spectacles, Chalmers gets fired. The boys then take over the school, with all of the kids in it, and agree to allow the staff to enter if Chalmers gets his job back.

Full Story

The episode starts with Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa going to the Springfield Elementary School auction. The theme of the auction is under the sea, but the real theme is telling everyone they are broke. Bart poses as an English widow named Edith Knickertwist on the phone. "She" bids thousands of dollars for each item meaning the school would have raised $116,000 had it not been a prank. Skinner asks Homer to help give to the auction but Homer pretends to give and goes to a pretend ATM.

The next morning Skinner almost gets chewed out for what happened but he gets displeased with Superintendent Chalmers (mainly over a matter of being lop-shouldered) insulting a real life injury he had. Charmers admits that he did not know that about Skinner. He then stands up to Chalmers saying that the amount of things he doesn’t know about him could fill an entire week worth of morning announcements with enough left to make a take home flyer. Skinner ends by telling Chalmers he should try teaching Bart if it’s so easy. The teachers cheer Skinner and Chalmers leaves to go to the bathroom but not before agreeing to Skinner’s deal. Chalmers is nervous about this as he can, but the last time he was teaching, teenagers danced on him. Later, Superintendent Chalmers decides to teach Bart about the Presidents, he than reveals his hero as former President Theodore Roosevelt. Bart actually becomes excited about him and wants to discover more. Bart continues to learn about Teddy Roosevelt and gets Milhouse, Jimbo, Dolph and Nelson to come with him with him on an educational stint, which they all enjoy, although Lisa does try to convince Bart that Franklin Roosevelt is better, Bart keeps his opinion. After Nelson sprains his arm in an accident while on this field trip, his mother threatens to sue Superintendent Chalmers and he ends up getting fired for taking the boys on an unauthorized field trip. He is then replaced by his much stricter boss, State Comptroller Atkins, who starts giving out demerits. Once again it is up to Bart to help get his job back by driving all the teachers out of the school. He rallies the kids to his side by locking the doors and windows to protest. The teachers are happy to leave but realize they are unable to get their paychecks and become rattled.

Discovering he has gone too far, Lisa confronts Bart and mentions she has supported him with his plans to get Chalmers back his job with his protest. However, putting the school on lockdown is something she crosses the line on because of it. Lisa mentions that Bart needs to think about the consequences of his actions because she is concerned that Skinner will retaliate by using Atkins and the police. She is worried that it may get violent along with the property and kids being hurt. Bart responds by locking her in the closet, in which she calls Marge from the closet's phone and forces him to let her out by making him hear Marge's tirades.

Skinner wants Willie to smash the door with his tractor, but Bart and the bullies threaten to jettison the photocopier from the second story window. Bart instructs the bullies to gather everyone in the gym and Milhouse to take a nap. Meanwhile, the police and FOX News have been called. After discussing certain matters with Bart, Chief Wiggum slams his gun down, and a round strikes the School Boardman. Chalmers is reinstated and has his title increased to super-duper-intendent. Afterwards, Milhouse goes crazy after not taking his nap.


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