The Falcon and the D'ohman
Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts
Treehouse of Horror XXII
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Nelson: This place is beautiful as a the side of a Coors beer can. The kind my dad used to leave in the bathtub.

Bart: I thought teachers only went outside to smoke and cry.

Chalmers: So, Simpson, you'll be studying with me now.
Bart: Same garbage, different dumpster.
Chalmers: (sighs) We'll start with American history. Now, I'm sure you know who these gentlemen are.

Edna: We have shirts from other high schools.
Marge: Ooh, we can wear those to the nice malls.

Sea Captain: Yar, just plastic. Which is healthier than what you find in the ocean.

Bart: Man, Teddy Roosevelt killed more Spaniards in one day than most people do in their whole lives.
Chalmers: You know, I hate to say this, Bart, but the library is about to close.
Bart: Really? I wanted to learn more about trust busting. Take that, Standard Oil!
Chalmers: Tomorrow, son. Tomorrow.
Bart: Well, I've learned a lot today. Now, to go home and let TV slowly rot it all away.
Chalmers: Eh-eh-eh. Not so fast. Teddy Roosevelt believed you could learn from books. But he also believed you can learn just as much from the out-of-doors.
Bart: I thought teachers only went outdoors to smoke and cry.
Chalmers: (sighs) Yes. Uh, Son, have you ever seen a horse your father wasn't betting on?
Bart: No, sir.
Chalmers: Come with me.

Mrs. Krabappel: Who can name the three types of rocks? Bart Simpson?
Bart: Chalmers would actually take us out to see the rocks.
Mrs. Krabappel: You can see the rocks on page 32 of your science book.
Bart: My book is missing page 32.
Mrs. Krabappel: Put your head on the desk and shut your eyes.
Bart: My desktop is sticky with soda from the kid that had it before me.
Mrs. Krabappel: Do as I say!

Bart: Oh, my God. Milhouse, did you take your nap?
Milhouse: Does it look like I took my nap? (rips his shirt off and starts dancing then takes his shorts off and throws them out the window)
Bart: Ay caramba!

Bart: Sir, of all the books and movies about Teddy Roosevelt, what do you think is the most informative?
Chalmers: No question, Night at the Museum.
Bart: 1 or 2?
Chalmers: Take your pick, you can't go wrong.

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