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Bart and Lisa and Marge and Homer and Maggie (to a lesser extent) vs. Thanksgiving
What Would Possibly Happen If...Cletus Went to College?

Bart and Lisa and Marge and Homer and Maggie (to a lesser extent) vs. Thanksgiving is a comic story from Simpsons Comics 51.


The Simpsons try to get through another Thanksgiving in their own way.

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As Lisa protests over the political ramifications of Thanksgiving, Marge tries to tell her that she really doesn't care and is only trying to get the meal ready. However, Marge discovers that she forgot to get a turkey and grabs Maggie so she can run to the store. Elsewhere, Bart is sneaking out to Try-N-Save so he can beat the rush to buy the new Stick Fighter II video game, while Homer has been called to Mr. Burns' mansion to deal with an emergency.

Lookking to escape the commercialism and hypocracy, Lisa heads out to visit Grandpa. He offers to take her to a small place where they can enjoy some quiet time together. When they get there, they find that the "small place" is a giant casino known as Navajaggio... and that Grandpa had used Lisa to get bonus chips for gambling with. Disgusted at being taken advantage of, Lisa realizes that Thanksgiving will always be a day for selfish greed and gluttony and later returns home in disappointment.

At Try-N-Save, Bart finds a long line of kids standing outside. They just so happen to be orphans who were kicked out of their orphanage for a social function that Mayor Quimby is hosting, and all they want is to get inside out of the cold. When the store opens, the manager refuses to let the orphans in unless they have spending money, so Bart selflessly shares his video game money with the group and gets them all sunglasses. He then offers to let them eat Thanksgiving dinner at his house.

Marge's search for a turkey takes her into a war zone... which is what the supermarket has become as everybody fights for last-minute Thanksgiving items. Marge manages to obtain what she thinks is the last turkey, but her hopes are dashed when the cashier tells her that it's nothing but a hormone-rich chicken. Marge heads home in defeat.

Homer learns from Smithers that the three genetically-enhanced turkeys that Mr. Burns was going to behead for Thanksgiving have gotten loose and are out for blood. Smithers uses Homer as a decoy by filling his protective suit with grain so Burns can escape, but the turkeys prove more cunning and chase the three of them all the back to the Simpsons house... where they are promptly run over by Marge as she pulls into the driveway.

Now with plenty of turkey to go around, the Simpsons, Mr. Burns, Smithers, and the orphans eat their fill. In the kitchen, Marge works herself into a frenzy to keep up with her guests and exclaims that the important thing about Thanksgiving is being together.


This comic story has been reissued in the UK version of Simpsons Comics 60, Simpsons Comics Belly Buster, The Best of the Simpsons 28 in the UK, and Simpsons Classics 26.


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