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Bart of Darkness
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  • The episode is a parody of the Alfred Hitchcock movie Rear Window starring Jimmy Stewart. A character resembling Stewart also appears, looking at Bart through a camera with a telephoto lens.
  • The Itchy and Scratchy episode featured in this episode "Planet of the Aches" actually refers to the second film in the series "Beneath the Planet of the Apes", which features a race of mutant humans with enlarged brains and telekinetic powers. The future Itchies killing Scratchy by using telekinesis to cut him up with a lot of sharp objects is a parody of the ending to Carrie.
  • The episode title is a pun on the novel Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.
  • The musical number in the pool involving the kids was inspired by Busby Berkeley movies.
  • When Ned walks upstairs carrying the axe, he is singing "Mary Had a Little Lamb".
  • When Martin was naked, he is singing "Summer Wind."
  • There are wax models of Beatles and actors from M*A*S*H at Springfield Wax Museum.


  • The portable TV that's in Bart's room disappears in some scenes. Being a portable TV it's not out of the question another family member borrowed or removed it.
  • When Bart puts away the script for his play you can hear the sound of the closing drawer, but it remains open.
  • As Bart adjusts the aim of his telescope, a white-colored section of the telescope turns black for a frame.
  • Nelson states epidermis is another name for hair. It actually means the outer cells of the human skin. This is most likely a result of Nelson's ignorance than an actual mistake. Of course, it's still true that it's showing.

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