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  • Bart is watching Itchy & Scratchy on TV, the sound of theme song can be heard from the TV when Lisa talks to Bart, we don't see it in The Itchy & Scratchy episode but the sound from cartoon is clearly.
  • In this episode, Bart gains a fake license. In the episode "Little Big Girl", Bart does gain a legitimate driver’s license. He also drove a car in "The War of the Simpsons" and "Burns' Heir". He even drove the school bus in "The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer".
  • The car Bart rents resembles a Mercury Grand Marquis.
  • The radio in Bart's car is tuned on 94.5 FM, and the song that played before Milhouse plays with the radio dial is "Radar Love" by the Dutch rock band Golden Earring.
  • According to the calendar in Seymour Skinner's office, Sping Break (not counting weekends) goes from Monday, April 22, 1996 to Friday, April 26, 1996. Friday, April 19, 1996, just before Spring Break (including weekends) would be Go To Work With Your Parents Day.
  • The AAA book Milhouse finds is from 1982.
  • Homer prank calls Moe and uses the name "Yura Snotball" causing Moe to say "you're a snot ball" to Homer and he thinks Moe is insulting him.
  • At the end of the episode, Marge gets a call from the Tennessee State Police. However, in real life, the department is called the Tennessee Highway Patrol.
  • This episode has slightly foreshadowed another Spring Break episode, "Kill the Alligator and Run," because Bart briefly had his friends vote for either Disney World or Knoxville. Disney World is a resort in Florida, the destination of the latter episode.
  • The moment when all 4 boys (Martin, Milhouse, Bart and Nelson) have wigs on is similar to the fact that Simpsons fans have accused 1 2 3 and even 4 of the boys as being homosexual.

Cultural References

  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre -- the hitchhiker that Bart picks up (and gets ice cream for) looks and sounds like the one from this movie (the scene where the boys stop for ice cream, weigh the car, and pick up the hitchhiker is usually cut in syndicated reruns).
  • When Bart arrives in Hong Kong, he apparently gets off the plane that is labeled "中華航空公司" (China Airlines), which is based in Taipei.
  • The marquee at the theatre at which Andy Williams is performing proclaims "He's Still Got It!", according to Look magazine (though the title folded in 1971).
  • Martin bought an Al Gore doll in Knoxville, which is appropriate for their locale since the former Vice President was raised in and served as senator from Tennessee.
  • The episode's title derives from the beat novel On the Road by Jack Kerouac.
  • Bart's first action with his fake ID was taking Nelson, Milhouse, and himself to see the film adaptation of Naked Lunch. In addition, after seeing the movie, Nelson says "I can think of at least two things wrong with that title...", alluding to the film being a very loose adaptation of the book of the same name.


  • The episode aired in March 1996. Bart's fake driver's license says he was born in February 1970, which would make him 26 years old rather than 25.
  • Martin is asleep when Bart drives into the cornfield, and yet his voice is heard screaming.
  • Jolly Ranchers are hard, and yet when Smithers chews one, no crunch sound is heard.
  • When the two radiation suits are hanging on the wall, they both appear to be adult sized. However, one fits Homer, and the other fits Lisa.
  • When Milhouse opens the glove compartment in the car to reveal a guidebook, the lines on the side of the book representing pages disappear, making the side simply look smooth white.
  • When Lisa and Homer are spinning on the chairs, you can hear Homer laughing, even though his mouth does not move.
    • Also when Lisa bumps him by her chair it makes Homer turn on his chair but in a close-up look at him he is turning in opposite direction.

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