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I don't want the money. That's why I've asked for the reward to be paid in candy bars.
Bart Simpson

Bart the Hero is the thirty-sixth Simpsons short and originally aired on The Tracey Ullman Show on January 29, 1989, the same day Shining Time Station premiered on PBS.


During a jog forced on by Homer, Bart stops at Chupo's Candy Store to get his daily candy bar. As he is making his choice to decide which to buy, a strange man tells him the store is closed. Mr. Chupo was tied up and gagged with a cloth behind the counter. He is trying to warn Bart to rescue him but he cannot talk under his gag so Bart doesn't hear him. Then Bart realizes that he was not Mr. Chupo. As he turns to walk back in, he collides with the man to knock him out. The police come immediately and tell Bart he has stopped the Candy Store Bandit. He is then interviewed and is offered $10,000, much to Homer and Lisa's delight as they view the news back at home. Bart turns the money down and says he wants it to be paid in candy bars which makes Homer and Lisa shocked.

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