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  • Homer sends Marge a postcard from Duff Brewery in Capital City in 1978 that says, "See the World's Biggest Pull-Tab."
  • Flanders' list of possible bad influences on his son Todd: bumper stickers, comic books, Grandma, television, and his brother.
  • According to this episode, the Simpsons live at 94 Evergreen Terrace. However, later episodes the Simpsons live at 742 Evergreen Terrace.
  • According to Mrs. Krabappel, Springfield Elementary has an alcoholic gym teacher named Coach Fortner.
  • It is ironic that Mrs. Krabappel would reject Principal Skinner as a possible love interest (because "his mommy won't let him out to play"), since years later, they would date (and break up).
  • Mrs. Krabappel's line about how Groundskeeper Willie is into something sexually deviant could be a reference to his fetish for videotaping people in private moments/compromising positions as seen in "Homer Badman" and "Bye Bye Nerdie".
  • List of instances where Homer had to use the Swear Jar:
    • Giving a $20 bill to the donation basket at church by mistake (it's implied from the syllable that he was going to yell "damn").
    • Missing a strike at Barney's Bowlarama by a very close margin (this scene is often edited out in syndication, most likely due to him yelling "You sunnova...!", implying he was going to yell "son of a b*tch")
    • Getting irritated at Ned Flanders getting cast in a commercial after shaving off his mustache (implied from the first syllable to be "b*stard")
    • Realizing that he forgot to insert the door to the doghouse (but in this case just like in the next one it is unknown which curse Homer used this time)
    • Stung by multiple bees after a hive falls on him (it is also unknown what curse did Homer say; also after Marge buys the new doghouse she states that there were more than enough money for it in the "swear jar" which means Homer said many more bad words but off-screen).
  • In the first commentary on The Complete Third Season DVD set, it was mentioned that Dan Castellaneta cursed a lot in Homer's voice when he recorded lines for the episode, and his foul-mouthed tirades were soon cut down for the episode.
  • The subplot about the swear jar was added as a response to the criticism about the bad language on the show.
  • The voice of "Woodrow" is provided by Harry Shearer doing an impression of Ricardo Montalban.
  • The writers originally wanted to use a picture of Johnny Unitas instead of Gordie Howe.
  • This is the second time Bart Xeroxes a racy photograph featuring a scantily-clad woman, the first being when he Xeroxed and distributed the picture of Homer dancing with Princess Kashmir on the Season 1 episode "Homer's Night Out". In this episode, however, the action is implied when Bart says, "You've got a date with a Xerox machine."


  • The very first time Bart looks at the picture of Edna Krabappel in lingerie, Edna has her eyes open. Later in the episode, when the whole family views the picture, her eyes are shut.
  • Todd covers his right eye when in fact his left eye was hit by a paper airplane.
  • The article in Springfield Magazine, which Mrs. Krabappel reads, proclaims "We Talk With J.D. Salinger," which is practically impossible since Salinger was a recluse until his death in 2010. However, it is possible that this was intentional, to make a joke of how disinterestedly she flips past it.

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