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"Bart vs. Itchy & Scratchy" is the eightenth episode of Season 30.


Krusty releases an all-female reboot of Itchy & Scratchy, with Bart and his male friends boycotting the show. Bart joins an all woman protest group at school after getting caught liking the show.


At Krusty Kon, Krusty the Clown reveals in a live interview, that he's going to be rebooting The Itchy & Scratchy Show, with an all female cast, much to the joy of Lisa and the misery of Bart, who plans to hate-not-watch the show with his male friends, Milhouse, Nelson, Martin, Dolph, Jimbo, and Kearney. On the night of the new show's premiere, Bart holds a block party at his house, wherein he and his friends turn off the TV and blindfold themselves, whereas to not-watch the show. Meanwhile, upstairs, Lisa watches the show on her TV and livestreams her reaction to it on YouTube, claiming that this will be a historical moment in Cartoon Women's History. Bart sneaks into her room, while this is happening and catches some of the show. After seeing one gag, he laughs even harder than Lisa. Lisa notices him and teases him for the fact that he likes the female Itchy & Scratchy reboot, but Bart gets mad at her and says that only she saw him, so if she tells anyone, nobody will believe her. Bart leaves the room and slips back into the living room, where he pretends to have been there the entire time. He thinks he's got off scot-free, but in actuality, his reaction to the show was caught on Lisa's livestream, and Lisa make's sure she posts this video all over the internet. Overnight, this goes completely viral and Bart is exposed as a hypocrite.

Not much later, Homer is watching Josh.0, where Bart's exposure video gets publicised. The next day at school, all of Bart's friends know about this and they are extremely pissed off at him. The boys team up against Bart and chase him down the halls, using Ralph as a medieval flail. Bart gets cornered right in front of the girls' bathroom and goes in there to hide, knowing that his misogynistic enemies won't be able to enter, without hurting themselves with the room's air of femininity. In the bathroom, Bart meets three radical feminist girls, who are badass pranksters just like him. The girls claim to be part of an organized feminist crimery called Bossy Riot, which fights back against societally systematic misogyny. Bart wants to join their group. At first, Bossy Riot doesn't want a male member, so Bart proves his worthiness by stealing Principal Skinner's phone. The gang decides that if they're really serious about gender equality, they would let a male join, so Bart becomes a member.

Milhouse forms an anti-feminist movement with his friends called the Boys Right Association, or BRA. This organization includes all the boys mentioned before, (even Ralph), as well as the inclusion of Lewis, Wendell, Hubert, and Database. When Luann hears about what Milhouse is doing, she is happy with the fact that Milhouse finally has friends and she goes completely horny on Kirk. Bossy Riot goes around town and vandalizes stuff, steals things, pranks men and boys, and pretty much act like a bunch of hooligans. Their actions become so big and well known, that they get publicity on the news, from Kent Brockman. Lisa notices that Bart has a string coming out of his butt and suspects that he's a member of Bossy Riot. When she interrogates him about this, she says that her entire world view would be thrown into a vindaloo, if he was really a feminist, prompting Bart to instantly reveal to her, that he is, which makes her mad.


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