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Bartie Ziff is the son of Artie Ziff and Marge Ziff in a Treehouse of Horror universe.


Bart goes back in time to 1974 to read a comic book and causes his mother's and father's marriage to never exist. When Bart comes back to the present, finding out that his father is Artie Ziff now. Bart starts to live in the big, modern and more expensive house, also with his two unnamed sisters reminding him of Lisa and Maggie. Bart's hair changes and is curly like Artie's and his sisters'. He also has his own bully-butler, who is actually Nelson.

A teenage Homer from 1974 stowed away in the time machine when Bart returned to the present after having changed history. He works with the Homer of the present. Marge Ziff realizes she is unhappy despite the financial security of being married to Artie, and that she should have married Homer. The teenage Homer commandeers the time machine and returns to his own time, and returns everything to the original timeline. Artie Ziff fades away, and Bart's hair changes back to its spiky hairdo, revealing that he is once again Bart Simpson and Marge is married to Homer.



  • Bartie Ziff and Bart Simpson are technically the same character (as Bartie is Bart in an alternate outcome)
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