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Bartman: Avenger of Evil is a handheld LCD video game released in 1991 by Acclaim, who created many Simpsons video games at the time.

Nelson's kidnapped Maggie and only Bartman can save her! In the first level Bart tries to collect Bartman's cape, mask and skateboard while dodging walnuts Nelson shoots at him with a slingshot. Being hit with a walnut gives the player a miss.

After collecting all three items Bart transforms into Bartman and the second level begins. Bartman skates down the road after a fruit truck Nelson has jumped into. Nelson flings apples and watermelons, trying to knock Bartman off his skateboard. Every so often Santa's Little Helper will appear and give Bartman an apple that he can throw at Nelson when Nelson tries to hit him with a watermelon. Being hit with either an apple or watermelon gives the player a miss.

After hitting Nelson with ten apples he's defeated and the game restarts at the first level, but projectiles move faster with each victory. Gameplay can loop endlessly, but getting three misses at any time will cause the game to be over.

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