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Bashir bin Laden is a Jordanian Muslim boy who moved to America with his family. He attends Springfield Elementary School. He is good friends with Bart Simpson.


Bashir befriended Bart Simpson when Bart stumbled across his backyard barbecue. At first Homer (who mistakes him for a new version of Milhouse) is amazed at his manners until Lenny, Carl and Moe convince him that his parents are terrorists. In actuality, his father was the leader of a Demolition crew, to whom Homer later apologized after his intolerance and stupidity not only resulted in delaying Springfield Mall from being demolished due to age (Homer believed that Springfield Mall was going to be demolished as part of a Terrorist Plot), but also destroying a recently built bridge to the Duff Brewery.


Bashir is very polite and gentle and always minds his manners. He also seems to be very smart. Bashir never complains in front of people or even behind their backs. He is also very insecure of what people say about him.


Bashir's best friend is Bart. Apparently Rod and Todd are both scared of him (most likely because of his religion). The bullies apparently do not bully him any more, either because they forgot about him, want to focus their bullying on others, or maybe it's because Bashir has not appeared in any more episodes. He also is friends with Ralph, Üter, Martin, Lewis and Nelson.

Bashir in the comics


He has olive skin and curly black hair. He wears a light blue polo shirt with khaki shorts and white apron with brown shoes.

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