Beatrice “Bea” Simmons was Grandpa Simpson's short-lived girlfriend. She bears a striking resemblance to Mary Bailey.


Relationship with Abe

Grampa Simpson met her at the Springfield Retirement Castle help desk when the staff accidentally swaps their medications. It was love at first sight for Grampa, and they start dating.


They arrange another date for Bea's birthday, but Grampa is forced to stand her up when Homer abducts him onto one of the family's once-a-month day trips to "Discount Lion Safari". When he returns to the Retirement Castle, he discovers that Bea has died. Jasper explains that Bea's left ventricle burst; she literally died from a broken heart. Bea also mentioned that she had liver failure while dating Abe.

Beatrice's Tombstone shown in "Alone Again, Natura-Diddily"



Grampa then learns that Bea left him thousands of dollars. He tells Homer to make him envious. While interviewing potential candidates, Lisa tells Grampa none of them deserve the money and tells him to use it to help the poor.


While trying unsuccessfully to enjoy his inheritance, Grampa sees Bea's ghost, who suggests he give it those that can use it. After explaining to him that death is not so scary, she says that she is haunting a family in Texas. Bea also tells Abraham that Homer is very sorry for interfering with their last date, and urges Abe to make peace with his son.


Grampa visits areas of Springfield and realizes he doesn't have enough money to help them all. He decides to gamble to increase his money and does so by a substantial amount, but Homer stops him just before he loses it all. He forgives Homer, and after looking at the other seniors outside the casino, Grampa decides to use Bea's money to renovate the Retirement Castle. We then see that the Retirement Castle has become a beautiful place to live, featuring a brand new 'Beatrice Simmons Memorial Dining Hall.'


In the episode she mentioned having a husband named Charlie Simmons. She also has the same last name as Mindy Simmons, whom Homer fell for. Both him and Abe started relationships with them.


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