Beautiful Eyes

"Beautiful Eyes" is a song that Homer wrote about Marge a while back that described her every feature in the episode "Little Orphan Millie". The music was written by Alf Clausen and the lyrics by Mick Kelly.


Oh, I'll never remember what color Marge's eyes are. Uh...brown? No. Orange? No. Elm? Rake? Guessing? Oh.
(laughs) Well, well, look who's strolling down Alzheimer Avenue. You used to know everything about that wife of yours, even wrote a song about her.
A song? (gasps) Wait, it's coming back to me!
The girl I love's got beautiful hair,
A blue bouffant from here to there.
Snow white teeth and lips of red,
She's my Wilma to my Fred.
Oh, the girl I love's got beautiful (gasps) eyes!
When happy, they sparkle, when sad, they cries.
Those eyes are gems beyond appraisal
Stunning shade of purest—
Oh, what is it? I was so close! Let's see, what rhymes with appraisal? Basil, nasal. None of these are colors. Oh, it's hopeless. She'll never love me again.
Oh, Homie. I'd forgotten that beautiful song you wrote for me.
(Homer finally looks at her eyes and sees that they are colored...)
Hazel! Your eyes are hazel! Hazel like the pussy willows by the pond where we first kissed, like the almond paste in the bear claw I ate after we first made love.

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