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Becky is Otto Mann's ex-fiancée.


Becky works as a drive-through employee at Der Krazy Kraut in Springfield. She was engaged to Otto and they planned to hold a wedding at the Simpsons' house, where they use the leftovers from Apu's wedding. While getting ready for her wedding, Becky admitted that she hated heavy metal rock music even when she has to go down the aisle to it. Otto goes off with his music and Marge decided to have Becky stay for a while.

During this time, Becky started doing housework and impressed Bart and Lisa. However, Marge was convinced by her sisters Patty and Selma that she will attempt to seduce her husband Homer and kill her, and she increasingly became paranoid of Becky. In fact, Becky did consider killing Marge, and stealing her family, but gave up after she couldn't find a shovel around the house. After Marge was declared insane for attempting to attack Becky, who she thought was kissing Homer when in fact she was doing CPR, Becky became temporarily in charge of the Simpson house.

Her art

Becky helped Bart shoot a horror film in the basement involving the entire family being chained up and Becky pretending to kill Homer (who is chained onto a table). By coincidence, Marge (who escaped from the Insane Asylum and finds out from the internet that Becky is in fact a good person) comes in and discovered her, and mistook the scene for a genuine murder attempt. However, Becky and the entire family explained to her, and Marge apologizes to Becky for mistrusting her. Although Becky did admit that she was trying to kill Marge, but backed out because although she found a good place to bury her, she couldn't choose a right shovel at the hardware store.

Becky was part of the angry mob that was trying to kill Homer Simpson during the Trappuccino incident. Sometime during the crisis, Becky reconciled with Otto as they were seen hugging each other when the dome was destroyed.


  • In "You Kent Always Say What You Want", Homer shows a wall of casual acquaintances that have previously stayed at their home for a while, but even though she stayed at their house for a number of days, Becky isn't included on the wall.
  • She appears to be a parody of Peyton Flanders from the movie The Hand That Rocks the Cradle.
  • In the movie, she and Otto appear to be hugging each other.