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I'll take...dare!
―Becky Shorter[src]

Becky Shorter is one of Lisa's friends at Springfield Elementary School. As a background character, she is seen in a majority of student scenes while at school.


Despite being a background character, Becky has had a few small roles in the earlier seasons of the series. Most of these roles had involved Bart, hinting a possible crush.

The first time she spoke was at Ned Flanders' barbecue, when he announced the opening of his Leftorium store. Becky was shown playing a game of tag with Bart and a classmate of his[1].

She played another role at Lisa's sleepover, where she was dared by Janey to kiss Bart, which she eventually does [2].

It is revealed here that she wears braces (however, there are a few scenes where she is shown without braces). Bart is officially introduced to her by Milhouse, while signing her yearbook at the end of the term.

After he signed her book, she clasped it to her chest and walked happily away, stating, "He writes the way people talk!" [3].


Becky's normal appearance in the show is her wearing a teal shirt, a teal skirt, long white socks, and teal Mary Janes. She has long blonde hair that is tied in a ponytail held by a teal bow. She also wears a blue nightie and blue slippers as shown during the episode "Flaming Moe's".

Non-Canon Appearances

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In "Future-Drama", Becky is seen at the prom among the rest of the students, during Principal Skinner's speech.

In "Holidays of Future Passed", her avatar is seen on Lisa's Ultra net friend requests; in it, her blonde hair is shown to have turned brown.


  • She's seen with her mother at Springfield General Hospital, trying to get a vaccination for the "House cat Virus", only to make way for Mr. Burns when he drives into the crowd [4].
  • Becky is also a member of a Facebook-like website and is a fan of Taffy's web page. In her avatar, she is shown to own a cat [5].
  • She plays flute in the school band [6].
  • Becky's name has only been mentioned three times in the series. The first time was by Milhouse[7], the second time was by Ms. Hoover[8], and the third time was on Taffy's blog page[9].
  • Her full name was revealed in "Woo-hoo Dunnit?".


Episode Appearances

Note: Many of her appearances are brief background cameos. Episodes where she has an actual role are in bold.

Bart's Locker (As part of a crowd of students in the school's hallway)
(Running around the maypole with other kids)
Homedini (At Homer's magic show)