Bart: The funniest stuff came right out of real life. (Flashes back to shooting a scene with Homer)
Homer: Son, let's go out for frosty chocolate milkshakes.
Bart: Cowabunga, dude!
Director: And... cut!
Bart: Dad, I've never said "cowabunga" in my life. Your script sucks!
Homer: Why you little... (begins to angrily strangle him)
Director: Hey, that's funny! (The two stop, then Homer and Bart continue with a fake strangling as they make mock grunting and gagging noises.)

Narrator: The Simpsons' TV show started out on a wing and a prayer. But now the wing was on fire, and the prayer had been answered by Satan.

Homer: It was the best Thanksgiving ever. I mean, emotionally, it was terrible, but the turkey was so moist!

Narrator: Marge put together a night club act..
Marge: (singing) I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy!
Backup Singers: She didn't do it! She didn't do it!
Marge: So the next time you see a sheriff, shoot him (audience gasps) A smile! Goodnight!
Backup Singers: She didn't do it! She didn't do it!

Ozzy Osbourne: Right and the award for best hardcore thrash metal goes to "Simpsons Christmas Boogie"?!

Marge: Okay, the material was a little corny, but Homer and I had real chemistry onscreen.
Homer: Every day I thought about firing Marge…you know, just to shake things up.

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