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Bite my shiny metal ass!
―Bender's catchphrase
A robot! With a catchphrase!
―Homer's reaction to his catchphrase
Kill all humans!
―Bender's other catchphrase (possibly followed up with itself again or 'except one')
Start with Flanders!
―Homer's reaction to this catchphrase

Bender Bending Rodríguez (born 2996), or better known as just Bender, is a robot of Matt Groening's other series, Futurama, in which he is voiced by John DiMaggio and plays the role of a comic anti-hero, and is described as an "alcoholic, whore-mongering, chain-smoking gambler". Bender canonically meets the Simpsons in the episode "Simpsorama".

He was a phone operator of the FOX, among many other FOX characters.[1] When Bart is sleep deprived in class, he hallucinates his classmates turning into characters from TV shows he had been staying up watching, one of which (Richard) is Bender.[2]

In the future, after Homer and Bart drive through a Quantum tunnel, he appears between them and says "All right! You guys are my new best friends". Homer says "You wish, loser!" and throws him out of the car.[3]

He appears as one of the enemies in "The Simpsons Game", along with Zoidberg, in the level "Five Characters in Search of an Author", in which he is drawn by Matt Groening and will attack Homer and Bart by throwing beer bottles at them, most of them wear a chef's apron and hat for his compassion for cooking. He makes a final appearance in the Game Over level with Matt Groening as one of the icons God uses to defeat the Simpsons, as the family destroys his Hii.

He currently sleeps in the Simpsons basement, due to waiting to return to the future. The Simpsons occasionally use him as a safe.

Martin Prince was wearing a Bender from Futurama costume in Halloween of Horror.

Bender in "Future-Drama"




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