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Ooh, Marge.
―Bernice's uncommon catchphrase towards Marge Simpson

Bernice Hibbert (née Dupree) is Dr. Hibbert's wife. She is somewhat a heavy drinker. This has been joked about on at least one occasion (in "Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment", she faints, along with other imbibers of renown, upon reading the news that Prohibition has been introduced in Springfield) and she also stated once that she was too drunk to remember marrying her husband. She is usually friends with Marge and is a member of the Springfield Book Club along with Helen Lovejoy, Cookie Kwan, Agnes Skinner, Luann Van Houten and Lindsey Naegle.


Mrs. Hibbert remains one of The Simpsons’s less notable, saner characters. Bernice has five children with Dr. Hibbert, three sons and two daughters. They have never been named in the series. She also laughs just like her husband. Their marriage may be in trouble, which is referenced in "Dude, Where's My Ranch?." They also dislike displays of public affection, but though out  the whole series they have been one of the longest married couples in the show. In a Treehouse of Horror episode, while besieged by zombies in his office, Dr. Hibbert requests that the Simpsons tell Bernice that he loves her if they see her, but Homer misunderstands and resolves just to give her a high-five.

She is seen in "Lisa the Vegetarian" with Julius at Homer's BBQ. In early episodes she is named Sylvia. In Virtual Springfield, she is seen twice, once called Mary Hibbert and once, in a yearbook, called Clarice Rashad in a takeoff on the Clair Huxtable character from the Cosby Show, and Phylicia Rashād, the actress who played her.


Bernice often wears a bead necklace and a violet jacket with extremely large shoulder-pads, which may be a reference to Clair Huxtable's clothes in the 80's.


  • While exploring the town in The Simpsons Game, Bernice can sometime be seen having a conversation with Carl Carlson, discussing a past relationship they had before she was married to Dr. Hibbert. This may not be canon. If recruited to Marge's mob, she will say "Delighted to join this wonderful mob! Ah-heh-heh-heh!".
  • According to the episode 500 Keys, Homer and Marge briefly went to the Hibberts for a key party (under the innocent belief that it was a party that just involved keys), but shortly thereafter left after discovering what a key party actually was. Although it is obvious that her husband, Dr. Hibbert, was involved in the party, it is unknown whether Bernice was.
  • In "Days of Wine and D'oh'ses", it is revealed that she is a member of AA, however she is seen drinking alcohol at several times, meaning she might have a reoccurring problem. She was also briefly seen in a drunk driving class in "Duffless".
  • She seems to dislike an au-pair, who lives in with the Hibberts in the guest room. In "No Loan Again, Naturally", Dr. Hibbert wants to buy their au-pair a house, because Bernice wants her out.
  • Her brother's last name is Dupree so that proves that her maiden name is Dupree.


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