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Beyond Blunderdome
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Cultural References

  • This episode's title is a reference to the movie "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome", in which Mel Gibson starred.
  • The Flintstone mobile appears with Fred, Wilma and Dino Flintstones in it. Also The Munster's Car, the Monkees Mobile, The Batmobile Herbie, The Love Bug, and The General Lee from The Dukes Of Hazzard.
  • When Homer is watching a test screening for Mel Gibson's remake of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington", he badmouths it, saying, "At least the Jimmy Stewart version had the giant rabbit who ran the savings and loan!" These are references to "Harvey" and "It's a Wonderful Life".
  • Frink asks if there will be any Flubber in the movie this is a reference to the 1961 Disney movie The Absent Minded Professor Also there was a 1997 remake called Flubber with Robin Williams .
  • Rainier Wolfcastle is seen filming "Saving Irene Ryan", a reference to both "Saving Private Ryan" and the TV sitcom "The Beverly Hillbillies".
  • After the studio cart crashes, Mel says to Homer, "I'm getting too old for this crap," paraphrasing what Danny Glover often says to Mel Gibson's Lethal Weapon character.
  • Mel Gibson tossing away his U.S. Senator badge at the end of the "Mr. Smith" remake is similar to the endings of "Dirty Harry" and "High Noon".
  • Mel Gibson's pilot is John Travolta, who plays a pilot in a number of films including 'Look Who's Talking', but is also himself a certified pilot who owns five aircraft.
  • The police shoot-out scene with Robert Downey Jr. is a reference to Downey's problems with the law in the 1990s, during which the actor battled drug addiction and was arrested on several occasions.
  • The movie billboard in Hollywood that Homer and Mel Gibson crashed through featured a woman (implied to be overgoing labor) and the title "She's Having a Baby... Again!", spoofing the movie "She's Having a Baby".
  • During the chase they drive past Mann's Chinese Theater which is on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame Originally named and still commonly known as  Grauman's Chinese Theatre , it was renamed Mann's Chinese Theatre in 1973; the name lasted until 2001, after which it reverted to its original name. Many movies have premiered there including Star Wars. 3 Academy Awards ceremonies have been there as well. Among the theater's most distinctive features are the concrete blocks set in the forecourt, which bear the signatures, footprints, and handprints of popular motion picture personalities from the 1920s to the present day.
  • Mel Gibson's character does Curly Howard's famous "Whoop, whoop, whoop". Mel is a huge fan of The Three Stooges and even directed a biopic of them.
  • Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi appear shouting "We're lesbians," a reference to the former coming out to the public two years earlier.



Homer's hand is on Bart's shoulder but also attached to his arm

  • When Homer talks to Bart outside of the cutting room, he places his hand on Bart's right shoulder. However, when Homer removes his hand, his fingers are still on Bart's shoulder.

"McBain" misspelled as "McBane"

  • One of the posters at Aztec Theater misspells "McBain" as "McBane".
  • In the film when the head of senate inadvertently causes an explosion due to striking the gavel simultaneously when Mr. Smith throws a fire extinguisher, the resulting explosion blows off the Capitol Building rotunda. In actuality, the Senate room is to the right of the Capitol rotunda, not at the center of the Capitol and directly beneath the Senate Rotunda. Even though this cut was made by Homer Simpson, the mistake was likely deliberate to showcase Homer's stupidity.
  • Mel kicked Homer out from the right side of the limousine even though Homer entered through right side first.
  • The Hollywood tour guide mentions the filming location of “Nine Months“ starring Hugh Grant. The film was actually shot on location in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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