Bicycle Built for Two is a red tandem bike that Marge bought.


Marge bought the bike because Homer said he would ride with her, but he actually didn't listen to her. Later, he didn't want to ride, making Marge disappointed. Bart felt sorry for Marge and started riding with her.

During one ride, they rode into Springshire and found a tea house called The Leaf Garret there. Since that they visited the tea house regularly until it was closed.

Unfortunately, after being bullied by Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearney, due to his relationship with his mother, Bart didn't want to ride with Marge anymore. Sad Marge walked through Springfield, burnt the basket to keep warm and took her bike to bus on the way to Miami.

She eventually sold the bike to Clancy, Lou and Eddie, with Clancy sitting on a cart being towed by Lou and Eddie, who were struggling to pedal. They eventually went down a steep hill, and later Clancy was seen crashing through the Simpsons' backyard twice on his cart.


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