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The death chasing Mr. Burns  and he gets in trouble when he also gets the death's daughter after him. Just before Burns should be killed is he revived and he wakes up. Mr. Burns realizes he was lucky to be revived and understand at he need a future minus Mr. Burns. Smithers tell then to him that they has created a computer that is his personality that can take over when he dies, called "Big Monty". Mr. Burns is skeptecit to the idea until Smithers told to him that the computer can control the activity just as Burns was alive.

There has been a week and Homer has taking the dog in the belief that it was "Bring your dog to to work day" though it was daughter instead of dog. While Homer talking to Lenny  and Carl  escapes Santa's Little Helper  so Homer starts chasing him. He finds "Big Monty" and decides to test it, he will then start the computer and the Big Monty start with his work. Lisa is going through her e-mail when she starts chatting with a guy who calls himself Monty, then get good contact and Lisa thinks he is funny, when he speaks antique and can not anything about the present. While Lisa chats with Monty during the school break, she says that she is irritated at her brother and wishes he went to another school.

Seymour Skinner  then get a call from Swellingon School for Privileged Boys and finds out that Bart received a full scholarship to the school and sends Bart to the place. When Lisa finds it out she is feeling bad, Bart will now have the education that she could only dream of. Monty then asks if she would like to change schools but she says she does not want for it would ruin the Springfield's state funding. Monty will then send over ten million euro to Springfield Elementary School, the next day day at the school, Lisa discovers that the school has got new books, computers and ponies. Lisa will also get a new teacher for Miss Hoover  is on a paid sabbatical to St. Croix, and the teacher becomes J.K. Rowling. Lisa feels very happy now. Bart is not happy with his new school, but after he found out that most kids are stupid and are only there because they have rich parents, he begins to like the school.

After the school, she chats again with Monty, where she tells how unhappy she is with her family they are poor, dad drinking and the family eats meat. The result is that they get a check for a million dollar, Moe gets money to sell his bar and the animals from slaughter houses will be free. Chalmers  wonder about how the school get so good as tgat quickly so Skinner tell him that they received money from an anonymous benefactor. The next day, Chalmers has decided, all students across the district attending to Springfield Elementary School, the school becomes overcrowded.

Lisa tells of course it for Monty who says he has billions solutions to the problem. In the afternoon, Mr. Burns are shopping, but his check is not valid so Smithers finds out that the bank account is empty and he have given away all his money. This leads to Mr. Burns to die but Smithers revive him before the Grim Reaper have time to taking him. Lisa is at home and tells Monty that life has not been so much better, Marge lacks on Bart, Homer has a bar in the basement of William H. Macy as a bartender. Monty realizes that his generosity has gone too far and asks to meet Lisa.

She discovers that Monty lives on the nuclear power plant and when she enters it, she found out Monty it's a computer. While she was talking eye to eye with the computer, Burns came to destroy the computer. Lisa explains to Mr. Burns that Monty is like him but are stuck with a better side. He refuses to listen to her and Smithers destroying the computer. Lisa writes in her diary that she still is happy, everything is as it was before, but she miss Monty. Moe move back, Rowling quiting the school, Homer owes a million dollars and Bart is sending home. Smithers is home and sit at his computer and start talking with Monty, he has a copy of the program at home.


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