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Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game is the fourteenth level of The Simpsons Game. To open the door to the creator's mansion, the Simpsons have to get the four keycards in the four worlds created by the creator. The fourth portal transports Homer and Lisa to a Japanese land and dresses them as Japanese cartoon characters.


Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game Lava

The lava land

After the level "Bargain Bin" is completed, four more levels open up at the game engine. These games are NeverQuest, Medal Of Homer, Grand Theft Scratchy and, this page's game, Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game. You can play any of these games in any order you wish, just as long as you get the hidden key cards at the end of the levels.


Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game Ice

The ice land

Homer and Lisa encounter themselves in a Japanese land, with flowers with happy faces, rainbows and a town. Later, a giant Milhouse wearing a crown and big drums-like things in his ears appears from the water, saying he is the king of the land and is called "Mr. Dirt". Homer and Lisa walk up a path to a dirty brown river coming from a clean waterfall that leads to the town. Beyond the river, everything is dirty, including the floor, the houses and a giant toilet on a brown lake. The toilet has a big rock head shaped like that of Homer's. To free the head inside, Lisa has to find three lanterns and position them on their spots so they shoot a light to the head. She uses the "Hand of Buddha" to pick up the lanterns and also defeat the sumo wrestlers who come from the lake.

Once all the lights are on their spots, Mr. Sparkle (the Japanese head from "In Marge We Trust") is freed. He tells them that to clean Mr. Dirt's land, they will have to defeat the three Sparklemons in three more lands parallel to Mr. Dirt's. Homer and Lisa go to the lava land, conformed by lava and moving wooden platforms. They first defeat the lava sumo wrestlers and then cross a lava ocean using a tree, cut down by Homer as "Gumi-Homer", as bridge. They get to the lava well, where Jimbo waits for them. Now they all have a Japanese cartoon-style fight in which Homer and Lisa defeat Jimbo's Sparklemon and, after Mr. Sparkle eats the creature and Mr. Dirt (on a cloud) comes to tell them they won't defeat any more Sparklemons, Homer and Lisa go to the ice land, conformed by cold water, ice floor and a giant yeti inside an ice block.

Before getting to an upper floor, they defeat the ice sumo wrestlers. They jump into the ice well where Ralph and his Sparklemon fight Homer and Lisa. When they win, they walk across a rock bridge to get on a flying boat. It has five motors keep the boat floating. Another flying boat floats next to the big one and cloud sumo wrestlers come from it. They turn off the motors and Homer and Lisa have to stop them before the boat falls down. When they finish with them, the sky well appears on a big cloud next to the boat and Sherri and Terri are inside with their Sparklemon.

Homer and Lisa defeat it and Mr. Dirt goes away crying when he sees this. Homer and Lisa then insert the three Sparklemon balls inside the toilet to make Mr. Sparkle raise on a water fountain. He cleans the town (by rubbing the screen) and Mr. Dirt shrinks to become normal Milhouse. He gives Homer and Lisa the Mr. Dirt keycard before the three Sparklemons attack him.

Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game characters

Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game Boat

The flying boat

  • Homer: Homer is one of the playable characters, he can jump, kick, burp, turn into Homer Ball, "Heli-Homer", "Gumi-Homer" and "Lava-Homer" (only Xbox version).
  • Lisa: Lisa is one of the playable characters, she can jump, kick, play her saxophone to stunt enemies and use the Buddha's Hand to pick up and drop big things, electrocute and freeze enemies. She can also turn into "Clobber-Girl" (only Xbox version).
  • Milhouse Van Houten/Mr. Dirt: he is first seen as Mr. Dirt, but later becomes normal.
  • Mr. Sparkle: he is trapped inside a rock and is freed by Homer and Lisa. He eats every Sparklemon defeated by them.
  • Jimbo Jones/Ratachu: he is the owner of the first Sparklemon and jumps on the fire well.
  • Ralph Wiggum/Poo: he is the owner of the second Sparklemon and jumps on the ice well.
  • Sherri and Terri/Dirt Donkey: they are the owners of the third Sparklemon and jump on the sky well.
  • Dirt/Fire/Ice/Sky Sumo Wrestlers: enemies throughout the level and the Comic Book Guy versions of Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game. All of them attack Homer and Lisa by running to them, and the fire, ice and sky ones shoot projectiles according to their elements.



  • The level is a parody of Pokémon and many other Japanese games.
    • Homer and Lisa's appearances have exaggerated Japanese cartoon style. Homer's hair is sharp-pointed and blue colored, his clothes are purple and wears goggles. Lisa's hair is sharp-pointed too but larger and wears a pink cap. Also, the big boat seems to be the S.S. ANNE.
    • Sparklemons are parodies of the "Pokemon".
    • A fire sumo says that he burns more than Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil is the Fire Starter Pokemon from the Johto region.
    • The battles are like those of Pokémon games.
    • On each entrance there's a Santa's Little Helper statue holding a keyblade in his mouth. The keyblade is a reference to the Kingdom Hearts series. Also, the Fire Sumos say one of the villain quotes from the same game ("Every Light must fade, every heart return to Darkness!").
    • The statues also have a tattoo pattern similar to Ōkami.
    • The level features an evil corporation called "Rin-sha", a reference to the Shinra Electric Power Company from Final Fantasy VII.
    • The Fire Sumos make a small mention of Final Fantasy IX and one of the Teen Titans characters, Starfire.
    • The Ice Sumos make a reference to Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, which they consider themselves a Wampa, a giant snow creature on Hoth that tries to devour Luke Skywalker.
    • The flying boat has a front statue which is similar to the Hello Kitty character.
    • Milhouse is dressed as the King of All Cosmos from the Katamari' series.
    • The Flying Boat cliche makes a reference to the film Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, which of course the Comic Book Guy says "A flying boat. What next, an underwater plane?" which the film actually features the scene where Sky Captain goes underwater in a plane after evading the seeker drones.
    • In the Flying Boat Sparklemon battles, the twin's costumes are a reference to the Samurai Shodown game character, Nakoruru, but with a different color scheme (red and blue).
  • There are some differences in each version.
    • In the PS2 version, the worlds are smaller and have a different appearance, the sky well appears on the boat and the battles are only cutscenes.
    • In the Xbox and PS3 versions the worlds are bigger and with more tasks, the flying boat section has a height meter showing the boats' height, the sky well appears on a cloud and the battles have to be performed by selecting the power of each character.
    • While the Nintendo DS version features alternate sprites for Homer and Marge in The Mythos of Marge stage, alternate sprites aren't used for this stage. Oddly enough, Lisa's "Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game" design is on the backcover of the DS version's box.
    • In the Wii version, you do not have to fight and you can skip it by pressing A.
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