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Bigfoot (also known as "Sasquatch") is a supposed and large ape-like creature that has big feet and lives in forests.


Bigfoot is like a human, but generally larger than the average human being and is covered with hair, similar to an ape. The most common evidence of the creature is its large footprints (hence the name).


After losing his clothes while on a family camping trip, Homer falls into mud and is eventually mistaken for Bigfoot, so he gets captured by scientists who observe him in order to determine what species he was. He was speculated to be either a below-average human or a brilliant beast.[1]

While recording the upcoming FOX special, "In Search of Bigfoot", an actor named Bob was dressed up as Bigfoot. They were filming, but after they saw Bob's wristwatch in the frame, they stopped filming. Shortly after they filmed the special, Barney Gumble was causing an avalanche onto himself.[2]

The tabloid TV show, "Rock Bottom", once aired a story about Bigfoot, which Homer considered to be "fair and even-handed".[3]

Bigfoot was seen getting off of a bus in Toronto, Canada.[4]

Groundskeeper Willie had hunted Bigfoot for years, so he could make a coat from hair he had stole from people to dress himself in as a new friend for Bigfoot. However, when Willie realized that they had defeated him, he quit as long as he retained his new coat, but it turned out that someone had stole it. Later, in the forest, Bigfoot finds the coat, so he wears it and came home to his wife. He told her that he found it and she asked him to find her one. But, Bigfoot asked his wife what is for dinner, making her walk away and tell Bigfoot to make it for himself.[5]