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Mr. Bildorf (First name unknown) is the president of the Springfield Junipers Golf Club.


Because Mr. Rum-ta-Tum got Ralph, to go through the bushes. And got his friends Nelson, Bart, and Milhouse. Ralph’s friends got jobs there, although Ralph himself did not get a job. Some point later, Bart tells Skinner that he hopes to help Bildorf play golf, because he tips hundred dollar bills.

Bildorf's defeat

When the golf course is going out of business Bart gives Bildorf the idea to make golf a religion, Bildorf gives Bart an 100 dollar bill, and this idea also, saved the golf course. Later, Bart comes back to help Bildorf, he is disappointed because Bildorf replaced him, even though he saved the gold course. Bildorf’s religion immediately caught Quimby and a few other rich men, and a few religious figures. Bart buys a ton of four wheelers to destroy the golf course with his friends, later Bildorf says he can fix the course, but he gets arrested because he instead made it a sex cult.