"Convert the Heathens!"

Convert the heathens!
Rod Flanders[src]

Billy Graham's Bible Blaster is a religious video game Rod and Todd Flanders play, it cheered them up when their mother died. Bart seems to enjoy the game as he wouldn't let Rod and Todd have a go.


The object of the game is to shoot bibles at heathens and convert them to Christianity. The player has 10 shots to turn heathens into Christians. 125 points are awarded for a successful shot, and 25 points are deducted after a miss. A partial conversion will make the heathen a Unitarian.

Behind the laughter

  • It is based on the unlicensed NES game Spiritual Warfare, where, like Billy Graham's Bible Blaster, the player is encouraged to "convert the heathens" by shooting them.
  • On the official Simpsons website, it is featured as a minigame on Rod's character biography.


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