bin Laden family's house is a house owned by bin Laden family.


After Bart ran away from the Mapple Store, he walked on the street and suddenly smelt something good. He entered a garden and met Bashir bin Laden (Who had just moved to Springfield from Jordan) there, cooking a lamb. Bart quickly befriended Bashir's family and stayed in their house for dinner.

Homer invited Bashir's family for dinner, but he behaved so terribly that Marge made him apologize to them. Homer came to their house, but when he saw Bashir's father unloading dynamite through a garage window. Homer left and told Marge about them being terrorists, but Marge didn't believe him.

Next day, when Bashir's father went to work, Homer arrived back to their house for tea. While there, he looked at their laptop and found out that he was demolishing the Springfield Mall, which Homer mistakenly thought was a terrorist act. 


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