Bite Back is a consumer watchdog show fronted by Kent Brockman which is broadcast on Channel 6. The show leads the undercover investigation in Apu's practice of selling expired meat at the Kwik-E-Mart after Homer brings it to their attention when Apu sells him dodgy ham and shrimp. Using a hidden camera inside an oversized novelty hat, the show is able to obtain footage of Apu putting a weiner that had fallen on the floor and become "encrusted with filth", back up for sale. The hat had been with the station for twenty years and was one day away from retirement when Homer severely damages it, thinking there was a bee inside. Nonetheless, the camera itself retained enough functionality to record incriminating footage of Apu admitting he's selling food beyond its expiration date. The show's investigation leads to Apu being fired.

The show also has a tendency for sensationalism and misreporting. Brockman has to apologise for a previous investigation known as "Geezers in Freezers" which purported that an old folk's home had poor heating. The footage shown was actually of a fur storage facility.

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