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Black-Eyed, Please
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Cultural References


  • The licence plate of Mrs. Cantwell's car is "RABF09", the production code for this episode.
  • This episode is the second or third happening of some occasions throughout the series:
    • Second time where a teacher bullies a Simpson (first one was "My Fair Laddy");
    • Second time where Homer's eye gets injured and must wear an eyepatch (first one was "The Way We Weren't");
    • Second time where Springfield Elementary School has a faculty member with an embarrassing name (first one was "Separate Vocations");
    • Second time where Homer where prays to Superman (first one was "Lost Our Lisa");
    • Third time where a substitute teacher fills in for Miss Hoover (first two ones were "Lisa's Substitute" and "Rednecks and Broomsticks"). The substitute teacher in this episode have a reversed personality to the substitute in the former.


  • Nina Skalka is seen in Mrs. Hoover's class, despite being a fourth grader and often seen in Mrs. Krabappel's class.
  • In Mrs. Cantwell's car, the steering wheel is on the right. But all subsequent shots put the steering wheel on the left.

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