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Blake Black is a boy who is from the Springfield Hamptons.


Blake Black is a rich kid whose father owns an investment business. When Lisa first met him at an ice cream shop called The Enlightened Scoop, she was upset with him initially since he cut in line. Blake offered to buy everyone cones, but Lisa rejected.

Blake became interested in Lisa, since he never dated someone with morals. While whale watching with Lisa, he had the whale lifted out of the ocean so that Lisa could see them up close, which made Lisa upset with him.

He tried to get together with Lisa again, by spending his entire allowance on protest group for horses. However, another boy showed up with all access passes to the horse show and Lisa went with him instead of Blake.


Blake wore a light blue collared shirt, beige shorts, white socks, and blue shoes. He has shoulder length white hair. He wears a bluetooth like headset and rides around on a hoverboard.



  • His father, Mr. Black, is the owner of Black Lake Investments, an investment firm.