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Blame it on Lisa
Weekend at Burnsie's

"Blame it on Lisa" is the fifteenth episode of Season 13.


Lisa sponsors a South American orphan - and when the child is reported missing, the Simpsons go to Brazil to search for him.

Full Story

The Simpsons lose telephone service because they are unable to pay a high phone bill. Homer and Marge visit the telephone company to see why their bill is so high and they find out that several calls have been made to Brazil. Lisa confesses that she has been making calls to an orphan named Ronaldo who she had been sponsoring and has gone missing, and the family plans to visit Brazil to find him. However, the Simpsons early plans to find him seem fruitless. When the family splits up to look for him, Homer is kidnapped in an unlicensed taxi. The kidnappers choose to tell the family that they will get him back, but for a price of $50,000. Since the family doesn't have that much money, they go searching for him, and Lisa gets reunited with Ronaldo, who plays a flamingo on "Teleboobies," due to the shoes that Lisa gave him made him good at dancing. Ronaldo, now wealthy from being a child star, willingly pays ransom to rescue Homer, and the family gives the ransom to the kidnappers (even though Homer is reluctant to leave, due to him developing Stockholm's syndrome), and Homer is reunited with his family at last. However, there is one downside - Bart is eaten whole and alive by an anaconda.



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