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Blazed and Confused

Blazed and Confused is the seventh episode of Season 26. (originally going to be the first episode of the season).


Bart and Milhouse join forces to get rid of the class' new teacher, Mr. Lassen who is a terrible bully. Meanwhile, the Simpsons take a trip to a festival called Blazing Guy.

Full Story

Superintendent Chalmers organizes an exchange of teachers between the schools in the district, moving the notorious Mr. Jack Lassen to Springfield Elementary School, where he will teach Bart's class. But instead, he bullies Nelson and gives Bart an embarrassing haircut, so Bart schemes to bring him down, with the help of Milhouse. With the use of a fake social network profile in the name of Miss Hoover, they discover that Lassen is due to do an important ritual at a desert festival called "Blazing Guy", where he will light the eponymous effigy.

Meanwhile, Homer has forgotten to book a campsite, which upsets Marge. Bart solves both of their problems by telling Homer to take the family to Blazing Guy. Marge, who is disturbed by the eccentric campers, drinks a cup of tea to relax, although it contains hallucinogens, making her delirious. Lisa enjoys the event especially when she gets to play her saxophone with a drum circle and a kazoo man. Bart and Milhouse use fire retardant substance to make sure that the effigy will not light, therefore ruining Lassen's important moment. While they do succeeds he finds out what Bart did, he is irritated and grabs a burning tuba, from which he blows fire in an attempt to torch Bart and Milhouse on top of the effigy. Homer tries to save to boys by using a catapult to launch himself onto the effigy, but falls short and breaks its leg, destroying it. The other campers form a wall around Lassen while Bart and Milhouse escape safely and go home, especially since Homer forgot to bring the water. As for Marge, she snaps out of her hallucinogens, only to find herself abandoned in the middle of the desert without notice.

Superintendent Chalmers and Principal Skinner dismiss Lassen's employment from Springfield Elementary after finding out about his behavior from the secret security. He finds a new job as a prison warden, where he finds that inmate Sideshow Bob also detests Bart. Lassen tries to make an offer by which they can team up together, but when Lassen says that they can share the final kill, Sideshow Bob rejects the deal.


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