Three Men and a Comic Book
Blood Feud
Stark Raving Dad

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  • If Smithers' blood type is B-Positive, his kidneys would work on a person with an AB Positive blood type, since they can accept any blood type or another B-Positive person, like Homer. However, a B-Positive person donor is incompatible with a Double O-negative person, meaning that Bart wouldn't be able to use his blood to save Mr. Burns.
  • Instead of pretending to be Mr. Burns, why didn’t Homer just tell the man at the post office his real name and that he has to get the letter back he mailed by mistake since his name is on the return address?
  • Given its size, how did the Xtapolapocetl enter the Simpsons' residence without any out walls removed?
  • This episode reveals Bart’s first three allergies, butterscotch, imitation butterscotch, and Glow in the Dark Monster Make-up.

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