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Bloodbath & Beyond is the gun store where Homer buys a gun to protect his family.

The store strictly follows all of Springfield's gun laws and regulations, enforcing a five-day waiting period and background check before the purchase of firearms. That said, one of the items that appears in the accessory kit offered with gun purchases is advertised as allowing the shooting down of police helicopters. Homer bought his .354 revolver here.

Tapped Out


  • Holsters
  • Bandoliers
  • Speed-cockers
  • Silencers
  • Loudeners
  • Ones for shooting down police helicopters
  • Sympathy Cards


  • Bloodbath & Beyond is most likely a parody of Bed, Bath & Beyond. The name "Bloodbath & Beyond" would later be the name of a GWAR video.
  • Bloodbath & Beyond appears in Springfield in The Simpsons Game as a decorative location but it does not look the same as in the show.