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I don’t understand it, James Coco went mad in fifteen minutes.
―The Blue Demon[src]

Blue Demon is the head of the “Ironic Punishment Division” in Hell (THOH IV).


He first appears in Treehouse of Horror IV while Homer Simpson receives punishment from Flanders the Devil. Homer is sent here after finishing a donut which Homer sold his soul to the Devil (Flanders). Marge Simpson insists on a trial, which the Devil agrees too. However, Homer is to spend a night in Hell. It is here where Homer undergoes numerous tortures, one being the Blue Demon's torture. Here, the Blue Demon forces Homer to eat thousands of donuts. The Blue Demon is very certain it will crack Homer, yet the attempt fails. Homer manages to finish all the donuts, leaving the Blue Demon perplexed and says that James Coco went mad in fifteen minutes.




  • He is called Demon Technician in The Simpsons: Tapped Out.