Bluella was a female blue whale who washed up on the shore of Springfield.


After Bart and Lisa set out to look at the damage after a wind storm traveled through Springfield, the two came upon a female whale who was washed up on the beach.

While Bart fooled around, barely paying attention to the problem at hand, Lisa named the whale Bluella, and took it upon herself to get the whale back in the sea.

Lisa spent many hours with the whale trying to comfort it, by reading it a story. Unfortunately, spending all day with Bluella tired her out, and she fell asleep next to the whale.

In her dream, she supposedly woke up, and saw that the residents had lifted Bluella up by helicopter, and were bringing her into the sea. They released Bluella and she swam through the water happily.

Lisa thought the problem was solved, but after seeing the whale somehow flying up into the air and swimming through the sky, she woke up, realizing it was too late, and Bluella was now dead.

Bluella's carcass after being blown up.

After a while, everyone arrived to see Bluella be blown up by dynamite to get her body off the beach. After doing so, Lisa saw two baby whales swimming through the sea, trying to call out to a whale. Lisa realized the whales were Bluella's children.

Near the children though, were sharks, trying to eat them. Lisa and Homer went out into the sea and tried to get the sharks away from the whales, but they were stopped by shark savers.

Lisa thought it was all over, but just then, the father whale burst out of the water, and pushed the sharks away from the whales. It was a happy ending for Lisa, and Homer too.

Bluella was later mentioned and seen on a picture during a town meeting to exile the Simpson family, when Mayor Quimby uses the incident as an example of Lisa's non-expensive but annoying environmental drives.[1]



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