Bob's RV Round-Up, run by Cowboy Bob, sells RVs. His known customers include Ned and Homer. They sell the Ultimate Behemoth, a gigantic RV with its own satellite. Both Ned and Homer bought their RVs here. It was implied Ned had good credit scores and was qualified to buy the Ultimate Behemoth, but he settled for something more simple for his family.

The Call of the Simpsons

Jealous of Ned for having a good RV and against Marge's warning, Homer drags his family to Bob's RV Round Up at a chance to one-up him. There Bob shows the Simpsons around the Ultimate Behemoth. While Homer and the kids are impressed, Marge is worried about the costs and is ignored by Bob when she asks for the price for it. When Homer asks for the price so he can purchase the RV, Bob takes him in his office to work out a deal. He runs a credit check(security protocol) on Homer and a siren alerts him. He then tells Homer that he's been rejected due to his poor credit and it was the computer's way of warning him not to proceed with the deal. Bob later shows Homer a much cheaper RV he can find, which turns out to be dilapidated. Against his family's wishes in him to turn around and leave empty handed, Homer purchases the dilapidated RV.

Mobile Homer

Homer once again buys an RV, this time as a way to avoid having to deal with Marge and her constant nagging of him regarding credit scores. This also led to an escalation in hostilities that ultimately had Bart and Lisa, despite actually liking the RV, to decide to steal it and return it to the Bob's RV Roundup simply to stop the quarreling family. This time, however, the company and its owner in particular are shown in a significantly more negative light, as they hacked off the gorilla balloon upon getting word that someone was trying to return an RV specifically to prevent them from finding it, and also utilized fast food activity maps in place of actual maps to the location, with Bob celebrating when Homer accidentally got the RV to sink in the harbor.


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